The most important day in your life comes closer and closer. There is still the party of all parties to be organized: the bachelor*ette party! You are looking for extraordinary bachelor*ette party ideas? An escape game at ExitGames is THE idea for your bachelor*ette party in Nürnberg, because it strengthens the team cohesion and really welds you together. Or a city rally where you puzzle your way through Nürnberg is great for bachelor*ette parties and guarantees lots of outdoor fun. Stop the notorious serial killer, blow the corrupt dictator away or search for a valuable painting. Come before your senses are completely clouded because your imagination and brainpower are needed!

Our offer for bachelor*ette parties (min. 6 players)

play for free

The future bride/groom plays for free.

drinks included

Each participant gets two softdrinks.

souvenir photo

Each participant gets a printed team picture.

top deal

from 25€ per person

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